D1.1 ENSNARE DP4ER Specifications

D3.1 EDST Specifications

D5.1 Products design requirements

D8.1 Communication Handbook


Renovation Process Challenges and Barriers

Solution Kits for automated and robotic façade upgrading

Renovation process challenges and barriers: addressing the communication and coordination bottlenecks in the zero-energy building renovation workflow in European residential buildings

Online Modelling and Prefab Layout definition for building Renovation

AprilTag detection for building measurement

UAV for target placement in buildings for retrofitting purposes

An Automated Prefabricated Facade Layout Definition for Residential Building Renovation

The role of LCA in the renovation's early decision-making for the design of a multifunctional, modular building envelope system

Automation process in data collection for representing façades in building models as part of the renovation process

Definition and design of a prefabricated and modular façade system to incorporate solar harvesting technologies

Graph-Based methodology for Multi-Scale generation of energy analysis models from IFC

More information on the ENSNARE’s open access Zenodo community.

Specialized media

Prefabricated modular facade to achieve NZEB: the ENSNARE solution

ENSNARE: Digital toolkit for a more efficient design, construction and operation of NZEB residential renovations

Sistema de fachada modular de fácil montaje y rápida interconexión de Ensnare

Projet ENSNARE : le numérique au service de la rénovation énergétique hors-site